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For anyone who loves the WWII era and wants to find out more about cars, hair, fashion, living, history, etc. This should be a staple in every gals life. With tutorials on hair, historical articles, classic pin-ups, etc, what more could you ask for? We pride ourselves in using everyday guys and gals who love the look or the '40s and '50s.

We are a classy magazine with high standards for our models and readers. Plus size models are welcomed, as well as tattooed gals. Remember to do tasteful poses and let's give girls in todays society great body images to look up to. We want to give young girls and women of all types a positive body image no matter what their size.

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If you have submitted your photos to other magaznes and they have them on their websites or in print, I will not use your photo. I want to be able to show photos that are new and not already floating around.

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